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 Rpglord work sched March 27 to April 13

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PostSubject: Rpglord work sched March 27 to April 13   Sun 26 Mar 15:58

all time EST
these are the time i am unavailable any time before or after these times i am good for

Monday March 27 - 7am to 3pm and 9pm to 10pm
Tuesday 28th - 7am to 3pm
wednesday 29th - 11am to 7pm
thursday 30th - noon to 8pm
friday 31st - 11am to 7pm
Saturday 1st - off
Sunday 2nd - off
Monday 3rd - 7am to 3pm and 9pm to 10pm
tuesday 4th - 4pm to 10pm
wednesday 5th - 4pm to 10pm
thursday 6th - 4pm to 10pm
friday 7th - 11am to 7pm
saturday 8th - i am not gonna have access to the game bcuz i am partying all weekend
sunday 9th - same as 8th
Monday 10th - get back from party at some point prolly b4 5pm also not available 9pm to 10pm
tuesday 11th - 4pm to 10pm
wednesday 12th - 4pm to 10pm
thursday 13th - 4pm to 10pm

stuff could potentially change, but not likely
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Rpglord work sched March 27 to April 13
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