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 About Limbus

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PostSubject: About Limbus   Thu 6 Apr à 11:48

Although similar in some aspects to Dynamis, Limbus is actually more akin to an extended BCNM or ENM—only, consistently more fun. Although Limbus was designed for high leveled end-game players, Square-Enix limited the number of participants to a single alliance of eighteen people. In this way, it allows smaller (non-HNM) linkshells or groups of friends to participate in an end-game event without the frustratingly long and perfunctory hours involved with the typical Dynamis run.

Not to mention that everyone who attends Limbus can easily obtain items that are exchanged for upgraded Artifact Armor or for an abundance of rare/exclusive end-game armor, including ribbons, earrings, and mantles. In Limbus, your efforts are consistently rewarded; in Dynamis, you may have to wait months or even years before you get a particular drop—not to mention the other 40-50 people who may or may not be your competition. Although it takes some getting used to, Limbus is a fast-paced and enjoyable romp that you can enjoy with a small number of your very close friends.

How to Participate in Limbus:

* You must have completed CoP 7-5: The Warrior's Path and be on CoP 8-1: Garden of Antiquity (i.e. access to Al'Taieu). The reason for this is that Limbus zones can only be entered through Al'Taieu.
* Next, each player who wishes to enter Limbus is required to have at least two key items; Cosmo-Cleanse and a colored Key Card that corresponds to the Matter Diffusion Module of the Limbus you wish to enter.
* Purchase the Cosmo-Cleanse key item from Sagheera (I-8) in Port Jeuno for 50,000 gil; this can be repeated every 72 earth hours.
* You must gather one (or all 3 if you wish) of the colored key item cards: a Red Card, a White Card, and a Black Card.
* These cards are obtained by defeating NM Euvhi: Aw'euvhi (Lv.78) from each of the three Northern Al'Taieu areas (red, white, and black as shown above).
* The Aw'euvhi are only a decent challenge and fairly simple to defeat; often times they are far more difficult to track down (unless you have a Ranger in your party). Two or three people are more than enough (if NIN or THF tank) to take one down and once you do, everyone in your party (or alliance if you're going with a large group) will receive the card key item automatically.
* Limbus consists of two very distinct 'sections'—one called Temenos and the other called Apollyon. Temenos zones architecturally resemble the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi and Garden of Ru'hmet while Apollyon zones are reminiscent of the Promyvions.
* Once you have obtained the appropriately colored card, you can enter Apollyon West, the Temenos zone, or Apollyon East.
o White Card: A flexible white card covered in the fluids of a Luminian; allows you to enter Temenos (North, East, and West); entrance to Temenos is (H-4) in Northern Al'Taieu.
o Red Card: A flexible red card covered in the fluids of a Luminian; allows you to enter Apollyon West (NW & SW); entrance to Apollyon West is (D-6) in Northern Al'Taieu.
o Black Card: A flexible black card covered in the fluids of a Luminian; allows you to enter Apollyon East (NE & SE); entrance to Apollyon East is (K-6) in Northern Al'Taieu.
* When everyone in your alliance has both key items, you can examine the Matter Diffusion Module and select the Limbus area you wish to enter. At this point, everyone in your alliance should examine the Module and be teleported into Limbus.
* There are some Limbus areas that can only be accessed by trading a specially colored chip to the Matter Diffusion Module. These chips are obtained when you defeat a particular Limbus zone (see below for more details). After the chip has been traded to the Module, you will be able to select these additional areas.
* Your Cosmo-Cleanse and colored Key Card will be lost upon entering Limbus.

General Limbus Rules:

Each individual Limbus zone has it's own set of rules, but they basically follow the same general formula: clear each floor, ascend, and defeat the final boss to move on. Most Limbus areas can be cleared by a very well-balanced and highly skilled party of six.

You can only attend Limbus once every 72 earth hours. The countdown starts the instant you enter a Limbus zone through the Matter Diffusion Module. You will be required to obtain the Cosmo-Cleanse and the colored Key Card key items for every Limbus event.

Just like BCNM, most Limbus zones have an initial time limit of 30 earth minutes (although Central Limbus zones are exceptions). Time extensions are granted by opening specifically colored Armoury Crates (see below) that you encounter throughout your expedition.

Also, just like a BCNM, BLM and DRK will be unable to Tractor fallen members. Therefore, if you are going to be defeated, make sure to do it in a safe place.

Unlike Dynamis, you will not be allowed to re-enter a Limbus area if you Warp out or Home Point. The Matter Diffusion Module will close the instant you begin to fight, so make sure that everyone in your alliance has entered before you engage your first target (we learned this the hard way).

One complaint about Limbus (similarly with most Dynamis) is that experience points are lost if you are defeated and, alternately, never gained. Although this is just how it is, I wish the developers would reward players with experience points (or Limit Points) upon completion of a Limbus zone (à la ENM) or at least have the monsters that you defeat reward you with some measly amount of exp. Too many end-game activities drain experience points instead of reward them and this is just something I would love to see changed.

When you have defeated the final boss and opened the zone's last Armoury Crate , you will have cleared that Limbus and be automatically teleported out. Don't worry, all items remaining in the treasure pool will still be there for you to lot on afterward.

Get to know your Armoury Crates! There are three different types of Armoury Crates in Limbus.

* Time Extensions
o These Armoury Crates are blue coffers with gold trim.
o These Armoury Crates give time extensions of up to 5, 10, or 15 minutes.
* Items
o These Armoury Crates are dark brown coffers with gold trim.
o These Armoury Crates contain Ancient Beastcoins, AF+1 materials, Limbus chips, and crafting materials.
o These Armoury Crates are light brown coffers with gray trim.
o These Armoury Crates recover the HP/MP and all the job abilities (including two hours) of your entire alliance (within radius).

As you journey throughout Temenos and Apollyon, you will inevitebly stumble upon a good number of these Armoury Crates. Depending on the Limbus zone you are attending, the conditions for which they appear will vary dramatically.

You should have one person designated to open Armoury Crates during each Limbus; that way nobody mistakenly opens an HP/MP Crate while people are out of range or is responsible for causing other Armoury Crates to dissapear.

For instance, certain Limbus zones require you to choose one Armoury Crate; once it's open, all the other crates will dissapear. Opening an Armoury Crate in other zones will sometimes release a very unhappy Avatar who proceeds to Astral Flow your alliance to death. Then, there are those Limbus areas where Armoury Crates are actually Mimics in disguise.

Lastly, it is important to note that, while Temenos and Apollyon both drop different sets (see below) of AF+1 material, each individual Limbus zone has the same chance of dropping AF+1 materials for every single job.
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