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 CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided

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PostSubject: CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided   Mon 10 Jul à 22:33

Mission Name: 8-2 A Fate Decided
Location: Grand Palace of Hu'Zxoi
Level Cap: Uncapped

Gather together in The Grand Palace of Hu'Zxoi at XX EST on XX

In order to do this we must ALL have 4-5 or so hours available to us. There are NO ways to save progress on this mission. If we wipe or otherwise have to quit, we have to start ALL OVER from the beginning.

Check the Particle Gate on the right of where you zone in for a cutscene. Check it again to pass through and head into the mission.

Some notes about the new Mobs ahead:

These look like small sticks when “closed” and flowers when “open.” Closed Euvhis don’t aggro, open ones do, and they never switch forms. Most of the ones we will encounter are closed, and the open ones we can mostly avoid. So try to do so. If we do find ourselves in a fight with a Euvhis, it has an AoE bind attack but nothing too deadly.

These are made up entirely out of hexagons. In their “closed” form they are little balls that float through corridors randomly but are confined to a small area, usually a hallway. In their “open” form the hexagons reassemble into a bird or a spider (not randomly, dependent on area). Like the Euvhi, Ghrahs only aggro when open, but Ghrahs change forms sporadically. It is best to wait out of range until they switch to ball form, then run by.

Like the empty mobs from Promyvion, Ghrahs have a colored ball that is their elemental base. They can cast ancient magic and elemental debuffs (like drown and shock) but rarely any AoEs. Even so, they’re powerful monsters. Use the appropriate bar-element spell to avoid a lot of their damage.

Similar to pots, but don’t aggro to magic. They aggro to sight. Their “front” is the larger of their eyes that is surrounded by smaller decorations. Some Zdeis are stationary, others spin. You can try to avoid aggroing in the spinning ones by going behind them while they spin. It’s hard, but possible. Practice going behind them as much as you can to avoid a lot of fights.

Okay back to the mission stuff.

Eventually will run into Particle Gates that will not open. That likely means there is a Cermet Alcove nearby. Check the Alcove and a Quasilumin NPC will appear. It will then progress on a pre-determined route. We can control the Quasilumin (tell it to stop and start again) much like the NPCs found in the escort quests.

Basically we have to protect these little guys. Zdei mobs will attack if they see the NPC. Ghrahs will only attack if the are not in ball form. Keep the NPC alive and it will open Particle Gates for us. Eventually it will reach another Cermet Alcove. Once there, check the NPC again and it will open the final gate.

Letting the Quasilumin NPCs die means going back out the door and getting a new one.

At times we will need to travel up and down these elevator systems to get to new maps. It will feel like we're going in circles, but we're not. There are forks in the road at points, but going the wrong way quickly leads to a dead end, so having an online map isn’t terribly vital.

Steady going is the key to getting done before next week. Fight continously but don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Have a lot of MP on hand as Ghrahs can take some time to kill. Also try to keep Reraise up incase we have a full wipe.

There is one door that will ask you if you want to pass through when you check it. Say NO. This leads back to the main room. If you go through this door, all your progress (a few hours) will be lost and you need to go ALLLL the way back. Some ??? spots will also offer you a choice to return to the main room. Refuse these as well. If you do, have fun getting back up and having everyone pissy at you >_>

Eventually we will find a Cermet Portal that opens like a normal door. Beyond that is another Cermet Portal. Checking it spawns an NM called Ix’Ghrah. This one’s a bit different. It can change forms at will and it’s 2-hour is depedendant on whatever form it is when it wants to use it.

Job: BLM
Weakness: Phsyical Attack
Strength: Magic
Attacks: High-level BLM spells

Job: THF
Weakness: Magic Attack
Strength: Evasion, Accuracy
Attacks: Physical hits, Helldive

Job: WAR
Weakness: none
Strength: Strength
Attacks: Physical hits, Sickle Slash

Job: PLD
Weakness: Low Damage
Strength: Defense
Attacks: Physical hits

The spider form is the most dangerous, having the overpowerful Sickle Slash move that hurts tanks badly. The bird form is hard to hit with weapons but takes lots of damage from magic. The ball form takes more damage from weapons and less from magic. The human form doesn’t take much damage AT ALL, but doesn’t do much either, and is a good time for mages to rest for a bit of MP.

The ball apparently likes to Spam Sleepga II, so could be a good time to rrest up your MP etc. Same goes for Pld mob, since he doesn't do much damage, and doesn't really take much either.

After we kill the Ix’Ghrah, check the Cermet Portal for a cutscene We're then clear to escape out from here. Checking the Gate of the Gods in the main room will lead you to The Garden of Ru’Hmet.

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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided   Tue 11 Jul à 11:50

Haru wrote:

The ball apparently likes to Spam Sleepga II, so could be a good time to rrest up your MP etc.

Something of note:

"the 2-hour is actually IS a massive onslaught of magic, but it's based on the day you fight the Ix'Ghrah. We were fighting on Darksday apparently and since there are no actual damaging dark-based -aga moves we just got slept. But I've heard stories about parties getting hit with Thundaga III over and over and over. So be warned and try to fight on Darksday or Lightsday if you can. I'm keeping the above paragraph in the guide because I still think it's funny."

Translation: Fight the bish on Darksday if at all possible. I don't know what lightsday would be (Flashga? Diaga? Holyga? I unno), but it sounds like it'd be pretty damned annoying.
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided   Sun 16 Jul à 3:54

We weren't able to do this tonight as Zeal had to wake up early the next morning due to wife aggro issues.

We're going to try doing this tomorrow around RT+9 is what I believe Zeal suggested/when Vuz and I get back from Great America. I have no idea when we'll be back, but it should be around that time, give or take. Anyone have a cellphone number they want to PM me? I can send a textmessage if I think we're going to be 30 min or more later then that.
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided   Mon 17 Jul à 0:51

yeh, ive been getting wife agro more often recently.... its a sign to hold back on ffxi a bit. friday after dynamis should still work for 8.3 tho Smile
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided   

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CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided
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