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 CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall

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PostSubject: CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall   Tue 11 Jul à 3:06

Mission Name: 8-3 When Angels Fall
Location: The Garden of Ru'Hmet
Level Cap: Uncapped

Gather together in The Garden of Ru'Hmet at 11:30 EST on Friday, July 21, 2006. (After United Dynamis)

We will all need to have about 3-4 hours free to do this mission.

Bring some of the usual meds along. Your silly little Hi-potion tanks should be good for the DD, maybe a couple Ethers and drinks for the mages. Everyone *NEEDS* to bring Reraise items though, as wiping is a possible strategy in the upcoming BC fight. Mage's also bring Echo Drops.

Ahh, finally our last Dungeon mission in CoP...

Our first objective is for each of us to climb our race-specific towers located in different corners of the map. So we'll be needing to do Mithra, Elvaan, and Hume.

With a lot of luck and Reraise items (Actually, with both) you could try doing these solo. But since there's so much <3 in Obsidian, I think it'd just be easier to all go in together, or at least Tag Jiral and/or I along for the ride (Sleep and Raises/Cures) However, if yo u wanna give it a try if you're the only person of your race, go right ahead, but I'm sure all of us are more then willing to help you.

The long hallway marks the entrance to each tower, which is guarded by a spinning Zdei. All of them spin in the direction of the fastest way to the first elevator. For example, if a Zdei is spinning clockwise, the elevator is to the left. Counter-clockwise, it’s to the right. If you can’t figure it out or aggro and kill it or something, just use the map.

In each of the larger rooms are an alcove with another (much faster spinning) Zdei in it. This is where the luck, sleeping, or reraising comes in. Getting past this Zdei is possible, but extremely difficult, and you have to sneak past it TWICE since the alcoves have two views into the main room. My suggestion: sleep the darn thing and run. Keep in mind that this enter area is filled with Aw’ghrah enemies, so you’ll have to sleep them too if they are in spider form. Make your way to the elevator and go up.

There are two more floors of enemies in the towers. The elevators going up alternate sides. It the first elevator was on the east side, for example, the second will be on the west, and the third on the east again. There are tons of Ghrahs (birds on floor 2, humanoids on floor 3) and fast Zdeis on both floors. Sleep, fight, or run-die-reraise your way though.

The fourth floor has no enemies. Run in and check the Ebon Panel in the center of the room. Any race can check it in any tower to get the first cutscene. After that cutscene, people of the right race in the right tower check it again to get a key item and a totally awesome title. Once you get what you came for, it’s probably easier to escape out and reenter the zone than climb back down.

Once everyone has gotten their tower done we need to progress up the central area of the Garden. The green dot marks the elevator we want to reach. The most convenient way, however, is sealed by a locked door that doesn’t open from either side, so we’ll have to circle around and will run into "the Guantlet of Zdeis".

So we'll be faced with a corridor with four Zdeis pots, and they’re all sitting on a pressure plate of a sorts, so when they aggro and move off their starting positions, the door at the far end of the room slams shut and won’t open until they return to their starting positions. These Zdeis are totally immune to sleep, Elemental Seal or not.

The two gauntlets on the east and west have a very fast spinning Zdei in them, which makes getting by next to impossible. It's recommend to take the slightly longer way around to the north gauntlet. Still, when you get there, you’ll have to get past the four spinning Zdeis or the door at the end of the room will lock you out.

There are four possible ways to do this:

1) Have EVERYONE sneak by. It’s hard, but if everyone practiced, it’s the easiest way by far to get by these things.

2) Fight them. They’re monsters and can be beaten. In fact, since the BC is against a very similar situation as this gauntlet, it might not be a bad idea to get some practice.

3) Have our "best sneaker" cross over into the elevator room and open the door from that side. The locked door opens from the elevator room. Then have our highest defense character run in, aggro the Zdies, and die near the door while the rest of the party heads through. Raise the sacrifice and move on.

4) Run into the room and all die by the closed door, then reraise. The worst plan as it involves a full party wipe, but if no one can get by the Zdeis and we aren’t up to fighting them (it’s a hard fight) this might be our best (i.e. only) option.

We should now be in the elevator room. Woot. Step onto the platform and choose to ascend (decend does nothing – yet) to the next floor.

The BC we want to get to is is on the floor above us, but the path upward is closed off by a seal of sorts. As the Quasilumin nearby will explain, we need to get two key items (Brand of Dawn and Brand of Twilight) in order to be allowed access up to the third floor.

The Brand of Twilight is to the south. The Brand of Dawn is to the north. Unfortunetly, going to the north leads to another gauntlet of Zdeis. It’s painful but rather quick to run through, die, and reraise, but we need to do it twice, so that can be a sting on the old experience points. Much safer and much less heavy on the bitter death total is to run through the Garden hallways. You can actually get to BOTH brands this way and bypass the Zdeis entirely.

The pink dots are what are affectionately call Glowing Weird Portals. You can’t target them but if you get close, they’ll zone you to a different part of the Garden similar to the shimmering colored walls in that Diabolos Pso’Xja tower. This counts as a zone so aggro enemies will leave you alone if you warp.

Follow the path that is outlined above to get both brands, then we backtrack to the central elevator.

Once we have both brands and our tower light, we can ascend again to the top floor of the Garden of Ru’Hmet. No mobs up here. Check the Particle Gate for a cutscene, then we will enter the battlefield when we're all ready.


Since this fight is in the same "zone" we can get TP off of the mobs outside.

Ix'zdei move list:
Black Mages:
Tier-III aga magic - AoE magic damage
Tier-IV magic - Single-target magic damage
Ancient Magic - High-damage, long cast time, Flood Flare etc

Red Mages:
Tier-III magic - Single-target magic damage
Bindga - AoE bind effect
Dispelga - AoE dispel, removes a random positive buff
Silencega - AoE silence effect

Both Black Mage and Red Mage:
Tier-I, II magic - Single-target magic damage
Reactor Cool - Ice Spikes + def bonu, Ice Spikes cannot be dispelled
Core Meltdown - AoE damage
Reactor Overheat - Silence and damage
Optic Induration - Petrify and high damage

Returning to the start position will return them to full life after several seconds

In this battle we will be facing 4 eye thingies, two Blm and two Rdm types. The two larger, closer ones are Rdm. The two smaller, farther ones are Blm. All of them are immune to silence and are heavily resistant to sleep. The exit is on the far side from where we enter.

In theory we want to ES+Sleepga the pots, unload on one of the Blm pots with everything we've got (Ya'll should have TP) and kill it asap. Continue to sleep and beat down the second Blm pot. If we're in trouble at this point we need to be in (or run to) a "safe" area around the edge/near the exit and wipe. If we kill them both before we wipe, we shouldn't lose. Once the Rdm eyes reset position we can raise, use sleeping potions to TP up would be pretty sweet, heal and finish them off.

ES Sleepga II is the MVP here, with ES Sleepga and ES Sleep II after that. As stated above, you can safely die along the wall at either end, the South (blm pot) end is better because if they're dead you can be anywhere on the S 1/2 of the room and reraise safely. Also note that pots don't aggro across the left-right centerline. Don't forget bar-spells and watch out for having your reraise dispelled (and this is a fight where everyone will want to use a reraise item before going in).

Other little things to note:

o When a pot gets low on life it may attempt to flee to its starting pedestal. If it sits there for a mere few seconds, it will regenerate to full life, and then we’re totally screwed. Stun it, weapon skill it, do whatever you can to stop it from regening to full.

o Mnk 2hr apparently totally owns these pots.

o Black Magic is powerful against the pots.

o Check and make sure your Reraise is up at all times, since the pots may Dispel it.

o Like other BC fights, tractor does not work here, so where you die does matter.

After we finish we're dropped in some room, tag the funky glowy wall at one end for a cutscene. Then we exit out to Al'Taieu for another neato cutscene.

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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall   Thu 20 Jul à 10:19

Okay got all the info up for you guys, sorry it took me so long.
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall   Thu 20 Jul à 13:16

<3 Haru
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall   Thu 20 Jul à 15:08

after this fight, do we get our rings?
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall   Thu 20 Jul à 17:20

Nope, there's another mission/BC after this one, THEN we get our rings. I'll post up 8-4 later/tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall   

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CoP 8-3 - When Angels Fall
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