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 CoP 8-4 - Dawn

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PostSubject: CoP 8-4 - Dawn   Fri 21 Jul à 16:14

Mission Name: 8-4 Dawn
Location: Empyreal Paradox
Level Cap: Uncapped

Gather together in Al’Taieu at XX EST on XXX.

Get the cutscene from zoning into Al’Taieu. Return to the Garden of Ru’Hmet and pass through the Sealed Portal. It will now let us get to the main garden elevator without mucking around in Zdei gauntlets. Choose to decend from the first floor and you’ll zone into the Empyreal Paradox, a Small BC zone. Nearby there is a Transcendental Radiance that you can check for a cutscene. After that cutscene, check the Transcendental Radiance again and enter the battleground!

And so begins the battle against Promathia, but we won't be doing it alone. Prishe and Selh’teus are going to help us take down Promathia. And before you get all worried that you’ll be doing all the fighting AND keeping these weak NPCs alive, stop that thought right there. Not only does the battle not end if Prishe falls, but they’re perfectly capable of contributing lots to this battle.

Engage Promathia by drawing your weapon and the NPCs will attack. If no one engages within five minutes they will attack on their own.

Prische’s move list:
Auroral Uppercut - Weapon-skill damage
Nullifying Dropkick - Breaks Promathia's shields
Banish III, Banishga III, Holy - Light-based magic damage
Cure V - Massive healing. Used on self AND on your party!
Ambrosia - Food effect. Ups stats considerably.
Daedulus Wing - item. Restores TP
Carnal Incence - item. Temporary invincibility
Benedition - As the 2-hour. Restores Prishe and nearby allies to full HP.
Hundred Fists - As the 2-hour. Very fast melee attacks.

Prishe can use both 2-hours in the same battle. You can heal her so make sure to keep her alive when she takes aggro and she’ll make it worth your while. If she does fall the battle doesn't end but do everything you can to keep her alive. Healing Prishe does not seem to draw aggro from Promathia.

Should Prishe get killed, you can actually raise her! Just toss her a Raise 1. She won't complain about the exp loss and will pop right up again to continue the fight. Not even weakened...

Selh’teus’s move list:
Revelation - Light-based damage
Luminous Lance - Light-based damage and stun
Redemption - 2-hour. Restores HP/MP/TP

Not as many cool moves as Prishe but he’s basically invincible, which is good because we can’t heal him. If you’re near him when he uses Redemption you’ll get full HP, full MP, and 300% TP! He will use Redemption to save his own life if he gets low on HP. If he dies from tanking or AoEs we will lose this battle immediately.

Promathia has two forms. During the first form the NPCs will generally take it easy and we’ll be required to do most of the damage. That’s okay, because Promathia is holding back too.

Promathia first form move list:
Comet - Like Meteor, but single target
Empty Salvation - AoE damage
Infernal Deliverance - AoE stun
Malevolent Blessing - AoE curse
Chains of... Arrogance, Apathy, etc. This move seems to do nothing

Once we beat the first form, Promathia will get serious. Music changes to final battle music. You can rest for a time. Promathia, Prishe, and Selh will wait until someone engages to attack. After about 3 minutes or so after the first form's defeat, however, Prishe will pull a Leeroy Jenkins-like charge at Promathia solo so we need to be ready to help her out.

Promathia second form move list:
All of the above, plus…
Meteor - AoE high damage
Bastion of Twilight - Magic shield. Magic spells get resisted fully. Prishe can break it.
Wheel of Impregnability - Physical shield. Physical hits do nothing. Prishe can break it.
Seal of Quiescence - AoE Super-Silence. Silena or echo drops do NOT remove apparently...
Winds of Oblivion - AoE Amnesia. Can't use job abilities.

Second form Promathia is pretty darn resistant to your attacks and can dish out some serious pain with Meteor and his bizarre seal moves. Both the silence and the job ability thing will wear off in time. Prishe and Selh will help your offense significantly and will start using some of their cooler moves. Spread out to avoid the weird AoEs and do whatever you can to keep Prishe alive, though she’ll probably be protecting you better than you can protect her.

There will be a circle thing behind Promathia. It's actually a color-coded indication of any shield he has up.
nothing - No shield
Red circle - Physical shield
Green circle - Magical shield
So if you're observant you can avoid wasting your time on useless attacks. Eventually Prishe will break the shields.

Once his HP goes to 0 we will UNGH, finally. But now we have to wait until the next day, Japanese time, to finish the cutscenes for CoP. That's 10 AM eastern standard time (11 on daylight savings time).

1.Zone: South San d'Oria
NPC name: Hinaree
Location: (B-6)
2.Zone: Uleguerand Range
NPC name: None
Location: Zone in
3.Zone: South San d'Oria
NPC name: Hinaree
Location: (B-6)
4.Zone: Oldton Movapolis
NPC name: None
Location: Zone in
5.Zone: Metalworks
NPC name: Cid
Location: (H-8)
6.Zone: Port Windurst
NPC name: Chimpy-Popmy
Location: (C-8) (Fisherman's Guild)
7.Zone: Mhaura
NPC name: None
Location: Zone in
8.Zone: Bibiki Bay
NPC name: ??? Warmachine
Location: (H-11)
9.Zone: Ru'Lude Gardens
NPC name: None
Location: (H-8) Approach the Palace
10.Zone: Upper Jeuno
NPC name: Door: "Marble Bridge"
Location: (F-7)
11.Zone: Upper Jeuno
NPC name: Door: "Marble Bridge"
Location: (F-7)

Congratulations, this will FINALLY get you your CoP ring! As you all probably know by now, you have 3 choices.

All levels: Enmity -3
Levels 30-44: MP+15, Mnd+2, Int+2
Levels 45-59: MP+20, Mnd+3, Int+3
Levels 60-74: MP+25, Mnd+4, Int+4
Level 75: MP+30, Mnd+5, Int+5

All levels: Store TP +5, Subtle Blow +5
Levels 30-44: Str+2, Dex+2
Levels 45-59: Str+3, Dex+3
Levels 60-74: Str+4, Dex+4
Level 75: Str+5, Dex+5

All levels: Enmity +3
Levels 30-44: HP+15, Vit+2, Agi+2
Levels 45-59: HP+20, Vit+3, Agi+3
Levels 60-74: HP+25, Vit+4, Agi+4
Level 75: HP+30, Vit+5, Agi+5

After getting your SEXEH ring, there are still 2 more CS you can get, and they're apparently *really* worth it!

12.Zone: Tavnazian Safehold
NPC name: Walnut Door, Upper map
Location: (K-7)
13.Zone: Lufaise Meadows
NPC name: None
Location: (J-6) Bladeblade Fell, Approach

You are now done with CoP, Congratulations!
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CoP 8-4 - Dawn
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