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 Write to SE for sweets

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PostSubject: Write to SE for sweets   Fri 3 Jul 12:44

lol nobody is gnna believe but me but here's what i posted on 14/04/09 to SE in an email, I still have the .txt xD :

I am a player on the Asura server and one of my three 75 jobs is ninja. I have enjoyed blink tanking, find that the ninjutsu really help and was very satisfied by the experience all the way to 75. However now that I have reached this level, I can see that I am nowhere near as useful, however skilled I might have been at lower level, because I am unable to compete with the hate generated by damage jobs. Concerning Ninja I've noticed that where all the other jobs are getting upgraded and more and more powerful, ninja still is extremely behind. I know NIN wasn't designed to be made a tanking job but it happened to work out, however high damage increase from other jobs make holding hate impossible, and ninja only becomes a first provoke in a burn party in most cases, making the job almost useless as a tank at high level yet unable to do much else than just hit like a mnk (very few people have throwing skill to boot). Might I suggest some fine tuning to the job, of course keeping it's spirit but something like a job ability even if only gained as level 70+. That is when damage dealers "get out of hand". It could work like the recently added composure or afflatus job abilities (2hour duration, 5min recast) and for example
- make the ninjutsu (or certain ninjutsu such as enfeebling or elemental ones) generate more hate, so ninja can have a chance of keeping hate.
- Generate hate on a regular basis like with provoke. (where paladin have lots of abilities and spells to make hate, ninja can only rely on provoke and burning through all his elemental tools to even hope keeping hate)
- Increase the enmity of the ninja overtime (in the way that enmity+ gear does, not the one from provoke)

Basically something that would give nin a chance to keep hate agains the none stopping damage from SAM WAR or other damage dealers.

I have heard rumors that SE plans on making ninja lose hate, and not gain it, which is a scary scary thought and would in my opinion destroy ninja. I am under the impression that ninja modifications up till now have been making it weaker more than anything. Should you make ninja lose hate for a good reason, I hope you will give the possibility to chose not to lose that hate and even get more of it. As whm have 2 "opposed" job abilities now, as sch hase light and dark arts, ninja should probably be able to choose enmity+ or enmity- abilities, and not be doomed to change a way NINs don't necessarily want to change.

Another thing is, as I mentioned above, ninja's throwing skill isn't being exploited at all because it is so hard to come by throwing weapons, they are very costly and there is little choice. Many people are hoping Square Enix will implement some weapon skills for throwing or something similar to help develop that aspect of ninja.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments and suggestions, and I really hope you will retain some of the information included in my message.

And here is what SE replies with this update :

Write to SE Razz it works apparently
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PostSubject: Re: Write to SE for sweets   Fri 3 Jul 20:53

Hell yeah nice. Time to complain about BST to SE until they make me a GOD!
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Write to SE for sweets
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